[UPDATED] YouTube is Down Worldwide?!

It’s time to grab your bug-out bags and zombie survival kits and get ready for the apocalypse because the internet’s favorite video sharing site has gone dark. At around 2 AM GMT here in the UK, YouTube the home of every cat video ever suddenly stopped working across the board.

YouTube has yet to release an official comment about the outage and people have been quick to jump to Twitter to vent their stress and displeasure.

No cause has yet been established and users are getting a multitude of errors. Let’s hope that their highly trained monkey gets its paws in gear and service is restored soon. As this is an ongoing story we’ll be sure to update you as the situation develops.

2:58 AM: The team behind the service has responded on Twitter assuring users that they are working to fix the outage

In the meantime, remember that you can always dust off your bookshelf and read that copy of Game of Thrones you’ve been neglecting.

EDITOR’S UPDATE: At some point between writing this article and posting it, the problem was fixed. You can now go back to watching your cat videos and Fortnite.