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Twitch Chat Tricks Streamer To Drop Pickaxe In Lava

Twitch chat trolls streamer

Twitch streamer, SlikeR, was trolled by his own Twitch chat by telling him to “press Q near lava”. This led him to do so only to have a disappointing outcome.

To those who aren’t Minecraft players, Q is the hotkey to drop items which go flying in front of you. While mining with a friend during a livestream, the streamer, boasting over 120,000 followers on Twitch, blocked lava with a wood block. This caused his friend to tell him that it would burn. The streamer dismissed it and claimed it would if it were weaker than the wood block placed.

This didn’t go well for him, though, as fans informed him he was wrong and promptly told him to press Q near of the lava pool beside him. Like a naive internet newbie, he did just that. The following event was him deathly silent as he processed what just happened. He had his pickaxe in one hand one moment and then the next it was fed to the pool of lava.

Eventually, he came to and grumbled about the Twitch chat and fumbled around in the build menu for a bit before the clip ended.

Minecraft picked up in popularity recently as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Initially released as an early-development title back in 2009, Minecraft grew and grew as the years went on. Now, in the current year, the game boasts a lot more friendly and hostile mobs, new building material, and a massive modding community to make the game that much better.

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