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Tom Holland’s Uncharted Movie to Release December 2020

Uncharted Nathan Drake

Following Naughty Dog’s somber announcement of the closure of the Uncharted PS3 servers earlier this week, fans are in luck. Sony Entertainment recently confirmed that their movie adaptation of the game is releasing December 18th of next year.

Tom Holland, famed mostly for playing Spider-Man in the recently-closed Avengers film series, was reported to have joined the project two years ago. Sony has confirmed that the star will be playing a younger version of treasure hunter protagonist Nathan Drake.

The movie is only one of many blockbuster releases we can expect from the actor in the coming future. In addition to the coming Spiderman: Far From Home, we can expect to see Holland in Chaos WalkingThe Voyage of Doctor Dolittle, and Onward. Uncharted certainly will act as a testament to the young star’s acting chops.

How and why Holland Got the Role

Tom Halland

For those wondering why Holland is much younger than the original Drake, here’s can be said about that. While the plot of the 2020 release is yet to be confirmed, former director Shawn Levy, who stepped out of the project in late 2018, explicitly expressed that the movie will act as an origin story in a now-deleted interview with Nerdist.

The casting process for the perfect Drake was quite strenuous. Mark Wahlberg was originally on board but dropped out all the way back in 2016. From then on, the prospects seemed to get younger with each pick. Nathan Fillion, who is the same age as Wahlberg, had once expressed interest in the role and eventually went on to play Drake in a 2018 fan film. Chris Pratt had already been in talks for it. Soon after, Tom Holland was chosen as the final pick.

The film has been a long one in the making. Indeed, Sony pushed the movie release back several times in the past. Even Nolan North, the voice behind Drake in the original game series, didn’t believe fans wanted a movie. Clearly, they were wrong.

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