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They’re Rupees, Soulja Boy

Fans creating music about their favorite franchise is always inspiring. Seeing passionate fans create wonderful music pieces is heart-warming and shows appreciation for the creator. Building Our Machine (DAgames), Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 song (The Living Tombstone), and Sans and Papyrus Song (JT Music) are all great examples of passionate fans. However, not all fan creations are great. In some cases, it can be abysmal to the point of being disgraceful. Soulja Boy recently released a rap called, Zelda. An abysmal rap that violates the eardrums and the creation. After listening to the “rap”, I can’t even call Soulja Boy a fan because he gets everything wrong.

Listening to this two-minute abomination felt like an eternity. Think of the most generic rap song, but put Zelda’s name in there once in a while. Then get the currency and the character wrong, while sounding like your half asleep. With marshmallows in your mouth. I couldn’t understand half what he was saying.

Are You Even A Fan?

What did he get wrong? I believe the line: “Green Diamonds like Zelda”, sums it up. First, Zelda doesn’t always wear green. Second, the main character is Link, not Zelda. Third, the currency is rupees, not diamonds. Fourth, green diamonds (rupees) is the lowest currency in the game. It’s the equivalent to a dollar! Has he played any of them? If not, then he could have done quick Wikipedia search on it. He makes it blatantly obvious that he’s clueless about the franchise.

Heard It A Million Times

I like to call this type of rap, Alzheimer’s music, because it repeats the same lines like 100 million times and goes nowhere. Seriously, there’s no story to it and isn’t even a parody of the lore like BEST Zelda Rap EVER!! (Egorapter). If you took Zelda’s name out of this mistake; it would be a generic rap about who knows what.

There have been talks that Nintendo may take this to the court of law, again with Soulja Boy. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I don’t think Nintendo is going to sue over a normal rap. There are plenty of raps about Legend Of Zelda. I believe they may sue over how utter garbage this rap is. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame them.

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