Single-Player The Division

The Division 2 Director May Be Open To Single-Player Spin-Off

The Division 2 creative director, Julian Gerighty, tweeted out to fans to collect their thoughts on the idea of a single-player spin-off focused on story. In the tweet, which quoted-tweeted TT Games level director, Tim Spencer, saying how he wants a story-driven, single-player entry to the series, as a response the creative director simply said “thoughts?” to the public.

The idea has been generally well-received as far as the tweet is concerned. Many of the responses are people posting “yes” gifs, saying they back it 100% or to “take their money”. The opposite side are mostly people who don’t care what happens as they’ve stopped playing the series altogether.

The Division 2 is an online shooter which has garnered quite the following. A single-player experience would definitely hit that side of the gaming market, especially if they do it well.

What do you think of this idea? Would you buy a single-player The Division entry, comment down below.