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Spider-Man: Far From Home Is Sony’s Highest Grossing Film

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home is no stranger to records. Just last month, it because the first film adaptation of the iconic comic book story to earn $1 billion at the global box office. However, Deadline’s latest box office analysis reveals that it has gone to achieve more than that.

As an exclusive deal between Marvel and Sony, it already stands out from most other Sony movies. But as of Sunday, Far From Home has toppled Skyfall to become Sony Pictures’ highest-grossing film ever.

2012’s Skyfall, the third film in the James Bond franchise (featuring Daniel Craig as the eponymous character), made $1.108 billion in the global box office. This set it up to be Sony Pictures’ championing record holder for the next seven years. No other film produced or distributed by the company has come near to earning as much as this. That is until Far From Home effectively took the title.

The film’s grind doesn’t end here, however. As per Deadline’s predictions, Far From Home is expected to reach $1.109 billion by the end of this week.

Box Office Moji records the Spider-Man film’s domestic and foreign box office sales at $376 million and $726 million (as of the writing of this article). That being said, Deadline’s projections have always been very reliable. As such, people can expect global takes to reach $733 million by Sunday- solidifying Far From Home’s hold over Skyfall.

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