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Shenmue III To Require 100GB, Refunds Will Be Honored

Shenmue III has disclosed its system requirements and required storage. In a Kickstarter update Tuesday, developer YS NET showcased what the PC requirements may look like and it’s not looking too good for those with small storage.

According to the post, its required storage will be a whopping 100GB. Some people have computers that only have around 100 gigs of storage which could spell trouble for the excited gamer. This is, of course, fixable by buying external storage, which can be bought at a generally reasonable price.

PC gamers will also need a decent amount of RAM to run the game as recommended. For minimum you’ll only need 4GB, however, the recommended amount is 16GB.

Shenmue III PC specs

In other news tied to the announcement, refunds to disgruntled fans wanting Steam keys will be provided, seemingly by Epic Games. Earlier this year, it was announced the game was going to have a stint as an Epic Games Store exclusive. Because of this, fans who had donated expecting a Steam key were forced to either not play the game on PC or use EGS.

They did clarify that a full refund may not be available based on the tier the player chose to donate to.

Shenmue III is going to release August 21, 2019, for the PS4 and PC.

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