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Shenmue 3 – Latest Trailer Looks Into Ryo’s Life

Shenmue 3

Ys Net and Deep Silver released the latest trailer during Gamescom 2019 for Shenmue 3, and it looks totally awesome. Giving players insight into the game’s setting – plus details on protagonist Ryo Hazuki – the trailer is one to watch.

In other words, it involves a lot of ass-kickings.

It comes 18 years after the initial Shenmue 2, as well as an additional 4 years after the crowdfunding campaign was announced in Sony’s E3. Finally, fans can rejoice.

That being said, Shenmue 3′s exclusivity to Epic Games hasn’t sat well with many. In fact, the company has already had to refund some unhappy Kickstarter backers. Additionally, there’s no doubting that the Shenmue franchise has a lot to catch up on. Open-world game mechanics and expectations have changed a whole ton over the past two decades, so the game must make strides to prove itself.

The trailer also featured the reappearance of Pachinko and other midway mini-games. Still, it appears Ryo stands most to gain from learning kung-fu at the arena. The training area featured in the trailer also gives some insight into the fighting mechanics of the game – something many fans have been waiting for ages to see again.

Shenmue 3 is due to launch November 19 for PS4 and PC on the Epic Games Store. What are your thoughts on the game? Leave your comments down below!

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