Apology for the slight controversy

Response to Tifa’s Breast Size Backlash

Well, it looks like I have stirred up a beehive with my editorial piece about Tifa’s breast size being reduced. I have received a select few angry comments and tweets. Most comments / tweets are about not getting her letter size correct, she looks the same as she does in other media, and I’m very uneducated about women’s breast. Let me say, the feedback is correct.

I royally screwed up and put misinformation in the editorial piece. I am deeply sorry about that. My goal isn’t to cause anger or spread lies. The reason I made that claim is because my girlfriend believed she was shrunken down roughly around a B cup. When she saw the new design of Tifa, she was sad, believing they took her breast size down. She told me the reason why they haven’t shown Tifa until recently because of the controversy of her breast size. She showed me an old petition to reduce her breast size and the original concept art (the petition is found in the video down below).

However, I will still take full blame for the misinformation. As a journalist, I should have done a lot more research before writing the article. Instead, I took her word as gold and now we’re here. Again, I deeply apologize for acting like an uninformed fool.

Before I go any further, I would like to cover some of the feedback.

She’s Wearing A Sports Bra

This was a common comment / tweet I got. If you actually read to end of the article, you would know I put that down as a possibility. To quote myself: “There is one thing to consider; Tifa is wearing a sports bra. So, that could be holding her breast back”. Yes, I did generally doubted this at first, but we did get recent confirmation that her sports bra is holding them back.

Final Fantasy VII Remake director, Tetsuya Nomura, was recently interviewed by Famitsu (via Eurogamer). He does state that Square Enix wanted to give Tifa a modern athlete design. So they gave her abs and a black sports bra to complete the design. This is completely realistic and I have no problem with this. Now knowing this, it isn’t a form censorship.

Body Shaming

Some say I tried pulling a low blow by bringing in the body shaming card. I wasn’t trying to do a low blow, I wanted to point out that this does happen. Even to women who are well-endowed. I watched this video before writing the article. Please watch the video below to understand why I put that segment in there.

She’s This Size . . .

Reading through the comments / tweets, it’s seems people are divided on what is her size is in the remake and original. Some say she’s a D or DD size for the remake and original. It’s debatable of which size unless the actual creator comes out and states what size she is.

What makes it really hard to tell is that the original models for character design is inconsistent. Her fighting sprite, world sprite, and her CGI model have different sizes. If we can’t base her size on the in-game models of the original, then let’s turn to the original concept art.

Those models are based on this concept art, so whatever size she is in this, is suppose to be her size. The remake looks smaller because of the sports bra.


Once again, I apologize for the misinformation. My girlfriend believes the sports bra is crushing her chest a little bit too much. That’s why she thought they censored Tifa by giving her a smaller size. We will found out her size in the Don Corneo’s Mansion mission.

What do you guys think? Are we cool? Is her breast size the same or smaller? Is the bra crushing it to much? Leave your thoughts down below in the comment section.