The monolithic streaming service, Twitch has announced their shut down of their system to allow users to buy items from them directly. Added in 2017, the service allowed viewers to buy games, DLC and more directly from them. It was all in the name to aid streamers in earning a bit extra. But, it didn’t work out as well as they thought.

Defy Media has shut down but, some of the channels aren’t going down with the ship. Defy has been known as the owners of Clevver, Warp Zone, Break, and most notably Smosh alongside its subsidiary, Smosh Games. [perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”Defy Media” link=”” color=”#9c1cb2″ class=”” size=”16″]Regretfully, Defy Media has ceasedContinue Reading

Boba Fett is the long-feared bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe before meeting his demise in Return of the Jedi. He, however, has remained a fan-favorite character, many choosing to ignore his anti-climactic death. This has led to several rumors of a Boba Fett spin-off being in production atContinue Reading

It’s time to grab your bug-out bags and zombie survival kits and get ready for the apocalypse because the internet’s favorite video sharing site has gone dark. At around 2 AM GMT here in the UK, YouTube the home of every cat video ever suddenly stopped working across the board.Continue Reading

MoviePass has been on its last leg for the past few months. Last month, the team behind MoviePass attempted to charge people who had already canceled their subscription with a new membership that most had no idea they signed up for. This new subscription announced recently will be effective onContinue Reading

Last week, Twitter announced that it would ban Alex Jones and Infowars from their social media platform, as well as Periscope, a live stream service owned by Twitter. This comes about a month after other prominent social media platforms (Apple, Google, and Facebook) removed Alex Jones and Infowars from theirContinue Reading