Tetris Royale

Mobile “Tetris Royale” Game Apparently In The Works

Tetris Royale, the battle royale game tied to the iconic multi-platform Tetris series, is coming to mobile phones sometime in the future. As the name suggests, players face off in a 100 users in a Tetris battle royale.

The game is being developed by N3twork who has seasoned mobile app history. On Friday, they officially announced this game as part of a multiyear partnership to develop new Tetris games.

The game will include not only a large scale battle mode, but also daily challenges and thousand-player competitions. Those who don’t want to play with others could also play through the “marathon” mode.

There are, as per the mobile usual, you could earn rewards by completing these challenges.

No release date is public, but a beta will be out in “select territories” later this year. It will be available for Android and iOS devices.