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Minecraft Update Scrubs Creator From Opening Screen


The newest Minecraft updates has scrubbed Notch from the opening screen. For those unaware, each time you open up the game, the screen adds a phrase out of random. The phrases arey chosen randomly and sometimes you’ll come across one that says “Made by Notch”, this will never been seen again, however. Following the most recent update, among other things, Notch, AKA Markus Perrsons, has had his name scrubbed the opening screen.


The lack of this form of credit isn’t too harsh, though, since he is still listed in the credits. As a large majority believe, Minecraft is for kids, and this could provide a reason behind the, albeit, a late response. After leaving the selling to Mojang and venturing into other projects, Perrsons started showing bizarre behavior on social media. Much of said behavior is not appropriate for the target demographic of Minecraft.

Minecraft is available on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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