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Hazelight Studios is Not Working on A Way Out 2

Hazelight Studios founder, Josef Fares, indulged fans of their work with some information on their next game. According to an interview with VG24/7, it won’t be a sequel to their notable multiplayer-exclusive, A Way Out.

During Gamelab in Barcelona, they had a chance to talk to Hazelight Studios’ founder about future projects. Alongside the comment about it not being a sequel to A Way Out, Fares also noted it will be kind of screwy.

With Brothers and A Way Out, especially the ending, people go, ‘What the heck is going on?’ The next game will be like that. That’s why I call it mind-fucking.

As a simple reason why he won’t make a sequel to A Way Out, Fares explained that he simply “isn’t interested”.

We could have done A Way Out 2 because A Way Out has been so successful, but I’m not interested in that, so the next game will be something totally different. There’s something about connecting two players that really gets me going. The next game is going to an insane game mechanically.

The Hazelight Studios founder then made clear, it isn’t a sex game, but you will be fucked.

You’re going to get fucked every 30 minutes. It’s not a sex game but you’re going to get fucked, trust me.

What do you hope this upcoming game will include?