Fortnite has been Downloaded on Almost Half of all Nintendo Switches

Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild are among the best selling Nintendo Switch games. It’s no doubt that with the aid of those games, the Switch’s sales soared. There is no way you would have bought a Switch or hopped over to a neighbor or friend’s house, without seeing one of these in their library, better yet not played at least one of them.

But, it seems as though Nintendo’s finest heroes have a great and mighty foe in their wake. That’s right, Fortnite has been installed on almost half of Nintendo Switch consoles sold. 22 million units have been bought by Nintendo fanatics while half of those units, roughly 10 million, have installed Fortnite. That is on the same level as Breath of the Wild and a little under Odyssey with its sales at 12.7 million units. Looks like Epic Games takes the win. Link and Mario may have some competition.