Tifa Lockhart original FFVII (left) and from FFVII Remake (right)

Final Fantasy VII Remake “Deflates” Tifa Lockhart

Square Enix had a stellar press conference this year. Showing off a lot of new games and familiar ones. Obviously, the one that stole the show was Final Fantasy VII Remake. This has been a long-awaited game that fans have been clamoring for years to get their hands on. They showed off an extensive look at the story and gameplay. In the gameplay footage, we finally got a great look at Tifa Lockhart. A fan-favorite character that hasn’t made an appearance in the trailers until now. Why? Because of the controversy around her breast size.

The original design has Tifa Lockhart endowed with a very busty body. Equipped with D size breasts, thick thighs, and lots of curves, for the time. A very beautiful woman and still is in the remake, but you will notice her breast size has been deflated to B size. This is no way a dealbreaker for the upcoming remake, however, it is a bit concerning they are listening to the wrong crowd. A small crowd that wants to censor every little thing and even after getting what they want, they still won’t buy the game.

I don’t like this because it’s a suppression of art and body shaming. Why can’t a female character be well-endowed? There are plenty of women in real life who are equipped with “bazookas”. It’s completely hypocritical to shame women of that size.

There is one thing to consider; Tifa is wearing a sports bra. So, that could be holding her breast back, but I doubt that. I believe the artist should be able to fully express their vision and shouldn’t be censored.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch March 3, 2020 for the PS4.

What do you guys think? Should her breast be censored or not? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comment section.


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