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Disney To Offer Disney+, ESPN+, And Hulu In Bundle For Shockingly Low Prices

Disney+ to be bundled together with Hulu and ESPN+

Disney is on top of the game right now. Owning Marvel, Star Wars, and – as of a few months ago – almost everything Fox owns, there’s a lot going for them.

As a result, many already consider their subscription services quite a bargain. However, their newest change challenges things. Between Disney’s current offerings and shows from the likes of Marvel and Lucasfilm, Disney+ is already a bargain. Still, questions amongst subscribers and industry analysts alike have mainly been concerned with Disney’s potential bundle offerings. With such high competition between Amazon and Netflix, it was bound to come up eventually.

Up until recently, Disney had revealed that subscribers can sign up for monthly ($6.99) or annual ($69.99) plans. However, a bundle deal was never on the table.

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently revealed the release date and the cost for a new streaming bundle containing Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. On November 12, the bundle will be made available for the monthly price of $12.99. This price, the report notes, “is cheaper than or on par with competitive streaming services”, such as Amazon or Netflix.

Netflix’s most popular plan also costs $12.99 a month – while also offering cheaper ($8.99) and more expensive ($15.99) monthly subscriptions. Amazon Prime is currently set at $119 per year, or around $12.99 a month.

It makes a lot of sense that Disney would want to bundle Hulu with Disney+ for its own original programming and licensed content. Hulu currently features $5.99 a month plan with ads and an ad-free one worth $11.99 a month. However, thanks to a recent buyout of 20th Century Fox, Disney holds a majority stake in it. As a result, Hulu is not a direct competitor.

For now, not much else has been said about Disney’s endeavors. Stay tuned to PixelBay for more updates!

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